Creator’s Corner: Orbital Intelligence

Welcome to the fourth installment of Creator’s Corner! This is where we let another small RPG publisher or freelancer loose on the blog in the spirit of supporting each other and spreading the word. The RPG scene is filled with amazing creatives and products and this is me doing my part by trying to help… Read More

Massive OSR Humble Bundle!

Hey All! There is an Old School Humble Bundle up and running and MonkeyBlood Design is super-pleased to be involved (with The Midderlands) along with some top creators. Here’s the link: But before you head there, here’s the list of stuff that’s available at the top tier of $18+. All $624 of it!! It’s… Read More

Rooftops, Watcher’s House and Sewer Crocodiles

We are halfway through the Kickstarter campaign for The City of Great Lunden and on the cusp of funding. Check out the latest update to see a printed rooftop map, the Watcher’s House in Bishopsgate, and a two-header sewer crocodile… Also, see all of the previous updates (with content previews) here:  

Gloomium Elemental & Happy New Year

Model pictured is a Stone Monster from the Eldrador range by Schleich. Available from Suitable for use with The Midderlands setting. Gloomium Elemental HIT DICE: 8, 12, or 16 ARMOUR CLASS: 2 [17] ATTACKS: 2 Fists (2d8 each) plus special SAVING THROW: 8, 3, or 3 SPECIAL: Gloom Punch, Immune to non-magic weapons, Double… Read More