Rooftops, Watcher’s House and Sewer Crocodiles

We are halfway through the Kickstarter campaign for The City of Great Lunden and on the cusp of funding. Check out the latest update to see a printed rooftop map, the Watcher’s House in Bishopsgate, and a two-header sewer crocodile… Also, see all of the previous updates (with content previews) here:  

Gloomium Elemental & Happy New Year

Model pictured is a Stone Monster from the Eldrador range by Schleich. Available from Suitable for use with The Midderlands setting. Gloomium Elemental HIT DICE: 8, 12, or 16 ARMOUR CLASS: 2 [17] ATTACKS: 2 Fists (2d8 each) plus special SAVING THROW: 8, 3, or 3 SPECIAL: Gloom Punch, Immune to non-magic weapons, Double… Read More