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This is where we let another small RPG publisher or freelancer loose on the blog in the spirit of supporting each other and spreading the word. The RPG scene is filled with amazing creatives and products and this is me doing my part by trying to help ‘raise the tide to lift all boats’.

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In the spirit of transparency, Sean and I have worked together previously.
Without further ado, over to Sean Christopher Richer and a look at some of the awesome stuff he is putting out there! —

Super Weird, Super Strange, Extremely Playable.

Find Sean and his products at…
Products: DriveThruRPGExalted FuneralMelsonian Art

by Sean Richer

HELLO I’M SEAN, FOUNDER OF ORBITAL INTELLIGENCE, LLC. We formed to start bringing ridiculous ideas to life. We focus on super weird, super strange, and extremely playable, content.


How’d we get here? Let’s jump back to when I was a child, back when satanic panic was a thing. I wasn’t allowed to play Dnd, and couldn’t tell you what edition it was in the 90s in Canada. (but somehow I played spellfire… I don’t know how that worked)

I did however hit the library hard, and going through Robotech art books I eventually stumbled into the palladium stuff. Which became the first game I’d run. This led to RIFTS, which pretty much raised me (and all things palladium for that matter). I wanted nothing more than to make a sourcebook for RIFTS (Siembieda if you’re reading this, HIT ME UP).

So what do we do now? We are trying to crank out as many zines as possible, while maintaining quality. It’s difficult, but we wouldn’t be able to do it without frequent collaborators. MonkeyBlood Design has done all of our layout so far, and I plan to keep it that way! Endmusik (Michael Weeks, friend and frequent musical collaborator) did our company logo!

Let’s dive into what we currently are doing!

Ongoing Zines

Stratosfiend; tentacles and sorcery. (DCC & TROIKA)

(Satellibat Drone, by Chin Fong | Stratosfiend Magistrate Gladiatrix, by | Acceptance, the Root Organ-Fractal, by Shane O’Neil | Stratosfiend Delver, by

A setting that focuses on “the drop”, an event where giant tentacled aliens burst forth and set up shop on earth (or wherever). It’s super Gonzo, and you can play 20 foot aliens from the get go. It was initially going to be savage worlds, then MCC, but DCC seemed like the correct home for over the top Aliens and Bat gods. Just about everything mutates, and has a separate tentacle die that levels with them.


Necrotic Edifices; surrealist nightmares with a focus on playable mechanics (TROIKA)


This setting is a mess of collage art, mind-rending art, and layout to match it. It contains new character backgrounds (including sentient gravel), new bestiary entries (including a demonic elf on the shelf, and sentient toast), and A NEW ADVENTURE WHICH FOCUSES ON A WORLD THAT IS SLOWLY TURNING INTO CHITIN WITH EVERY DAY THAT PASSES AND DOOR THAT IS ENTERED. Glynn KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK on this one. Matching each piece of art, with even crazier layout.

you wouldn’t last a minute on the creek

(Ultrabasstrodon, by Sean Richer)

This one is equal parts cosmic dread simulator, 1 player funnel, and a love letter to *cough* Dawson’s Creek. I used to put every new character background that I see for Troika through its paces. How many seconds did YOU last on the creek? In some cases you may be hit in the face by a frisbee, in other cases the sentient creek consumes you and everyone you know. In other cases, perhaps you just didn’t do your homework? Or lost your love.

If you have itch troika products, let’s talk and get a bundle going! I’d love to pair up!

The tragedy that begot ternwillow; a love letter to idyllic fields through the lens of [Redacted] of Green Gables and end of [Redact]-elion (TROIKA).

(Jackknife, Brains, and Ironsights (Ronnie) by Chin Fong)

Come spring 2020, you will start to hear about the town of Ternwillow, and how these brave pilots helped fight back horrors of humanity itself. Spoilers, they perish. All stories and play are told in the form of flashbacks, and stories of what happened. As players try to piece together what exactly the tragedy was.


Find Sean and his products at…
Products: DriveThruRPGExalted FuneralMelsonian Art

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