Two New Books for Other Publishers

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that there are two new books added to the webstore. Now, whilst they are on the MonkeyBlood webstore, they are linked to the respective websites of other publishers, who contracted me to create books for them, so here they are: The Midderlands for 5E (Necromancer… Read More

Midderzines Kickstarter ENDS in just a few days! Over 400% Funded!

Midderzines Kickstarter ENDS in just a few days! Over 400% Funded! Zines for Old School Games. Compatible with The Midderlands setting. Also, a great opportunity to pick up all the back issue zines too! Check out the Kickstarter page here: The Midderzines are an old-school, zine format gaming supplement intended for use with, but… Read More

Midderzine KS is almost 350% funded!

The Midderzine KS is almost 350% funded and we have announced the only stretch goal of the project at £6k for a larger The Lost Wyrld Map (in digital and print formats)!Get a pile of page content for Midderlands/OSR games. Get on board here: Get on board here:

Midderzines #6 and #7 to hit KS this Friday

EXCITING NEWS! Launching on Kickstarter THIS FRIDAY! Get the latest Midderzine Issues #6 and #7 and more…Follow link below to ‘notify on launch’.

A Pile of Awesome

I’ve been a little lax on the blog posts lately, as I’ve been soooo busy. Mainly with the Bats of Saint Abbans Kickstarter fulfilment, and some work on GATEpunk v0.7. I’ve even commissioned the cover artist as well as some character/race/profession artwork, as well as some playtesting and rules work/updates. It’s going well and hope… Read More

The Bats of Saint Abbans Kickstarter ENDS in just a few days!

A vertigo-inducing adventure inside a crumbling cathedral. For all OSR games. Check out the Kickstarter page here: We have unlocked 2 Stretch Goals already for the Special Edition Print pledge, with the 3rd being very close and sure to be unlocked in the closing days. We might even get all 5, which will make… Read More

Only 48 Hours Remaining

After almost 30 days of crowdfunding, we are approaching the final gates. The Midderlands for Fifth Edition Kickstarter ends this Thursday at 2:42PM UTC+0. The project is now counting down in hours not days! Less than 48 hours remaining! This may be the best 5E setting book you will purchase this year. As I write… Read More

Last 48 Hours for Chewer of Fingers

The Chewer of Fingers Kickstarter is going strong, but you’ll need to be quick to get these Kickstarter Special Editions as we are into the last 48 hours. 100% Funded in under 5 hours. Over 200% funded so far… Stretch Goal 1 (more page content) unlocked. Stretch Goal 2 (additional seperate pregen character cards) unlocked.… Read More

Chewer of Fingers KS Coming Soon

Follow the Kickstarter here to get notified on launch: Chewer of Fingers is a grim old-school introductory adventure intended for The Midderlands setting. The adventure is written for Swords & Wizardry (Free pdf here) and therefore can be used in all retro-clones and old school role-playing games with little or no work. The book contains… Read More