The Midderlands for 5E ON SALE!!

The Weekly Deal from the Frog Pond Frog Face — Hop on this deal before it’s gone!

Frog God Games continues its course of sales that are running throughout 2022. For this week’s sale (through October 30), we feature The Midderlands (for Fifth Edition) for just $24.99 (regularly $44.99)!

Click below to select and save!

The Midderlands is an award-winning, weird world setting for fifth edition (D&D) — a green-hued, dark-fantasy setting and bestiary set in a twisted middle England. It’s late middle ages/Tudor England seen through a looking glass, filled with strange creatures, insidious threats, and the color green. It’s edgy, it’s twisted, and the first thing you should expect is the last thing you’d expect. Looking for a 5e setting completely different from anything you’ve seen before? You’ve found it – now let’s see if you can survive it…

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