Shout Outs!

In the midst of the build up, launch and general furore of The City of Great Lunden Kickstarter (65% funded after less than 48 hours), I have neglected some other people’s projects that I want shout out also. In ‘ending soonest’ order (my involvement in brackets): Terror the Stratosfiend (Layout) – A DCC zine… Read More

‘Stitched Flesh’ Dust Jacket

So, the new Kickstarter project launches on Friday. Check out the preview here: This time, there is no leather cover pledge level for a variety of reasons (Brexit, trade negotiations, project schedule, etc). Anyway, I wanted to have something that was a homage to the leather covers… hence, The Stitched Flesh Dust Jacket… Anyway,… Read More

Kickstarter Video

So, my crash course in video editing and Adobe Premiere seems to have paid off. I am pretty bloody happy with this. Almost professional. I shall add KS videos to my other talents. I reckon I will be launching this sucker next Friday 15th March 2019. Hold on to your buttholes for another wild ride.… Read More