Ascoleth: The Last Great City



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A system neutral zine toolkit for weird science-fantasy city roleplaying.

This item consists of the following:

  • 1x 32-page A5 zine format physical Booklet

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So, What Is It?

In collaboration with Rabid Halfling Press this is their most excellent weird science-fantasy system neutral city toolkit zine… Part 1 of the Finisterre Trilogy, Ascoleth: The Last Great City.

“Ascoleth – the largest city at the end of times.
A place for everyone, for good or bad.
A terrifying and marvellous place where science and magic are one and the same.
A place where you can find, buy, pray to and/or consume anything or anyone.
Please, enjoy your stay.”

This book is a toolkit for the GM to easily run a weird metropolitan city for science-fantasy games. It is system agnostic to easily fit within your rule-set of choice.
This is a low prep kit that a GM can use to pull ideas from during a game session. With the help of short punchy tables intended to be improvisational prompts, they invite immediate and unique adventure. The city is also a fully-playable setting on its own. With the help of district tables, struggling GMs can easily create strange city blocks full of adventure seeds.
There are aspects of this book that are intentionally incomplete. This is so you make Ascoleth wholly your own and to give the outcome of every play-through a chance to grow organically. Of course, you can always use this book to spruce up your own campaign setting by rolling on the tables within and/or plucking out the bits you like most.
The idea to write a book of prompts came from the fact that your humble zine writers are both parents with full time occupations. We struggle with having the time or energy to prep for games that necessitate reading huge blocks of text. There are so many great, intricately-designed games and setting books, but they often require more time and effort than we are able to give them at this stage in our lives. So, we created a player-driven book where the GM—with a minimal amount of preparation—can play in a setting that rewards exploration and imaginative co-creation at the table.

— Felix Dester Hultgren, Tobias Tarnvik-Laesker


  • 32 interior pages
  • A5 format
  • Staple bound
  • 150gsm interior pages, greyscale
  • 250 gsm cover, matt laminated
  • Silver foiled title to front cover
  • Created & Written by Rabid Halfling Press (Tobias Tarnvik-Laesker, Felix Dester Hultgren, and Markus Linderum)
  • Artwork by Carlos Castilho, Patrik Ollsson, Stor-Thomas.
  • Layout & Cartography by Glynn Seal.

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