What Is 2 Worm 2 Furious?


Hey, Sean over here at Orbital Intelligence (with great hits like Stratosfiend 1, Stratosfiend 1.5, Stratosfiend 2, Ternwillow, and Necrotic Edifices of Iron and Moon; the depth of time untold).

I’ve got a new Kickstarter live for my next book….

Kickstarter : 2 WORM 2 FURIOUS
  • Writing by Sean Richer
  • Art by Scrap Princess
  • Editing by MRC
  • Layout by MonkeyBlood Design

What Is It?

  • It’s a funnel, specifically a Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure for groups of 3-4 level 0s per player. For those not in the know, these can be meat-grinders… worm-grinders of adventures that reduce 24+ characters down to 4 adventurers ready to take on anything!
  • It’s a tiny worm, that grows and grows and grows, and rampages, and bursts into a colossal Doombringer Moth that’s a Patron, a Deity, and a raging behemoth. It grows and grows, its growth unlocks new abilities and reactions. It rarely acts the same way, and eventually it will rule. WORSHIP IT OR RUN FROM IT, IT DOESN’T MATTER!
  • It’s a mini-setting. A God-Queen, her throne-maidens, the legions of Sky-Knights (on their Worm-Hawks), Stilt-Walkers, and Knights that strike with the fury of a thousand hammers. In addition there’s a couple important NPCs stirring things up and causing problems. Ranging from a veteran sky-knight to turned bartender, to a Jester that loiters in the streets spreading whispers to those that live below.

What Inspires Me For This Adventure?

  • Deep Carbon Observatory: I loved the chaos of the introduction and the relentless pursuit by the Crows. I hope that I’ve been able to channel some of this chaos.
  • Inferno Road: Again with that chaos theory, absolutely loved the perpetual mutation (and of course, the worms)
  • Fever Swamp: It’s a beautifully well constructed book, it’s easy to reference, tells you everything you need to know, and is a great introduction to the Hex Crawl as a medium. Also… Printed endpapers! 
  • Crypts of Indormancy: Adventure prose as an artform. I like the puzzles that it presents, and while the premise is simple enough at first, it has a fair amount of triggers and events that happen as a result of preparation, and the lack thereof. Also it’s beautiful.
  • Hobonomicon: It’s a funnel? It’s chaos? It’s beautiful tables and strange happenings. It’s also a rocket launch.
  • Wet Grandpa: I love that everything isn’t just spelled out for the players, or the DM, that you get to explore the adventure together.
  • Worm Witch: Need I really say more? I love the worm magic, worm witches, and the random encounters on the island.
“Kill me now”

Why Do You Want It?

  • You want a weird new adventure, something your players likely have not seen or played. Can they tame the worm?
  • You want a new mutating beast the likes of which you’ve likely not seen in this likeness, and you like keeping track of WORM DIE, CHILL DIE, and RAGE DIE
  • You want a neat tool-kit of knights, worms, villagers, bandits and encounters.


Please let us know what you think...

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