Rooftops, Watcher’s House and Sewer Crocodiles

We are halfway through the Kickstarter campaign for The City of Great Lunden and on the cusp of funding. Check out the latest update to see a printed rooftop map, the Watcher’s House in Bishopsgate, and a two-header sewer crocodile… Also, see all of the previous updates (with content previews) here:  

Sewer Map WIP – City of Great Lunden

The City of Great Lunden is the most ambitious single project I have ever worked on from a mapping perspective… #themidderlands #themidderlands3 #thecityofgreatlunden #cityofgreatlunden #kickstarter. With a Kickstarter campaign now planned for launch early-mid March, now is the time to start generating as much hype as you can. Please feel free to post information about… Read More