Many thanks for contacting us and enquiring about our rates for artwork.
Firstly and most importantly, our rates are flexible. If you have a particular budget then let us know and we may be able to reach a mutually agreeable solution to allow us to work together. We want to enable you to get the best value for money.
Secondly, our rates below reflect the time for the process of creating cartography and artwork, which includes reviewing text descriptions and designing, researching and a sketch draft for approval (where required), the meticulous hand drawing process and the post production scanning, cleaning, colouring and layout steps.

However, to provide a guide, please see the bottom of this page for typical costs for mono and colour/greyscale versions of work below. Additionally, we show our rates for creation of ‘print on demand’ pdf file creation including layout work, and can create files suitable for OBS, CreateSpace, Lulu, Mixam, and even your own Offset printers.

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Please Note

The following terms are usual for our work and rates above (again, we are flexible);

  • Images will be provided digitally only (unless otherwise agreed) in a jpg, png, tif or bmp format. Transparent background png versions can also be provided.
  • Colour and greyscale images will be provided at 300dpi, and mono art will be provided at 600dpi. Please note that increases in resolution of art increases costs proportionally.
  • Payments accepted via PayPal.
  • PayPal fees are paid by the client and included in the rates noted below. We can raise invoices via PayPal as necessary.
  • If invoices are required in currency other than £ sterling (GBP), then we can do this at the current exchange rate at time of invoice creation – Guide to current rates here:
  • For first time clients we usually ask for 50% payment on approval of rough drafts, and 50% on completion. Alternatively, we may complete the project and issue a low resolution version at invoicing, releasing the full resolution version on payment.
  • Generally, Legends, Scalebars, Compass Roses, Embellishments, Titles and Text are excluded (to allow for publication specific formatting by client).  Base line-art and colour provided only. We can provide additional elements (generally free of charge) should they be required.
  • Images created remain copyright of Glynn Seal/ MonkeyBlood Design unless otherwise agreed in writing. We often use images created for marketing purposes and image gallery display with suitable attribution to the client.
  • Rates below are based on quantities of up to and including 3 full page (US Letter or A4) pieces. Project discounts available for larger quantities/project work.

We are Crowdfunding-friendly, and are happy to negotiate on work prior to a Crowdfunding campaign to help create update and progress visuals. We can also offer originals of artwork (where applicable) prior to commencement at additional cost.

*Please note our latest rates below for Artwork and Layout valid from 8th August 2020.



Mono Inkwork (600dpi)

  • £ 25 GBP – Quarter A4/US Letter Page
  • £ 49 GBP – Half A4/US Letter Page
  • £ 97 GBP – A4/US Letter Page
  • £ 194 GBP – A3/US Ledger Page
  • £ 1.03 GBP/square inch – Odd sizes upto A3/US Ledger Page
  • £ Request Price – Other Sizes

Colour/Greyscale (300dpi)

  • £ 37 GBP – Quarter A4/US Letter Page
  • £ 73 GBP – Half A4/US Letter Page
  • £ 146 GBP – A4/US Letter Page
  • £ 291 GBP – A3/US Ledger Page
  • £ 1.55 GBP/square inch – Odd sizes upto A3/US Ledger Page
  • £ Request Price – Other Sizes


We are able to write adventures and setting material. We specialise in OSR, old school, and retroclone systems, but we also do work on other systems too (although, we’d like to have access to digital and physical books if at all possible).

  • Writing rate is £0.07 GBP per word for OSR/retroclone/simple systems.
  • Writing rate is £0.10 GBP per word for non-OSR/non-retroclone/non-simple systems (unless we know the system already). This increased rate allows us time to digest the new rules.


Simple Layout Work* (minimum 10 page charge). Bespoke layout work with unique page spreads available on request.

  • £2.48 GBP + 5% Payment Fee – Interior Pages only (PDF or 1x Printer)
  • £3.03 GBP + 5% Payment Fee – Interior Pages only (PDF AND 1x Printer)
  • £33.00 GBP + 5% Payment Fee – Cover Layout only (PDF or 1x Printer)
  • £49.50 GBP + 5% Payment Fee – Cover Layout only (PDF AND 1x Printer)
  • £11.00 GBP – Contents Page(s)
  • £0.28 × Total no. of interior book pages – Index (if required)

* Where additional print on demand printers are used, so more than one set of files are required, an additional 20% is added for each printer.
This cost covers the changes to the files to match each printers specifications. Reusing a previously used layout format reduces costs by 25%.
Layout Work excludes the following: Cost for commercial use fonts, any written work, provision/sourcing of artwork for interior and covers, editing, proofreading, and determining index entries.
Note that we can find fonts from those that are available for free commercial usage.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact
Many thanks, and take care, Glynn.