Glynn MBD (2)Glynn is an ENnie Award-winning Cartographer, picking up two Gold medals and a nomination at the 2021, 2019, and 2018 awards at GenCon for Best Cartography.

Glynn has been interested in tabletop gaming (RPG, miniature, card and battle) since circa 1985 when he played his first games wth the BECMI Red Box.  He has always loved poring through the artwork and maps provided in gaming books. From the old Red Box D&D images of Larry Elmore and the beautiful maps of Geoff Wingate, to the AD&D images by Jeff Easley, Dave Trampier and David Sutherland III. He has drooled over many images as he grew up. More recently, the stunning maps by Mike Schley and the fantastic creations of Tony DiTerlizzi.

He started his working career as a Draughtsman, then Design Draughtsman and has taken roles as Contract Manager, Project Engineer and Senior Project Engineer all within the engineering/electrical industry.  Design, Schematics, Site Plans, Visuals, Maps for Building Systems Software, 2D CAD, and 3D had been the bread and butter of his working life until October 2017 when he switched to full time freelance working as a game artist/designer. Those long-learned practices from his previous career integrate beautifully with making maps and graphics.

So that brings us neatly to MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing…

Creating cartography, art, design elements and layout for fantasy and science fiction games is our primary area of interest.  We have the capability to create hand-drawn, computer-generated 2D and 3D graphics to help you create the visuals you need for your games.

We are crowdfunding-friendly, and appreciate these projects have tight budgets, and need great content.

Why not give us a try on your next project?

Please let us know what you think...

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