Around The Pond Interview

I had the pleasure to chat with Ben Barsh and Edwin Nagy last night about current The Midderlands 5E project in the ‘Around The Pond’-cast. Check out our musings.

Check out the Kickstarter here:

4 thoughts on “Around The Pond Interview

  1. The midderlands is amazing. I’m sorry for you the kickstarter isn’t going the gangbusters your awesomeness deserves. I will admit I haven’t backed for 5e as I’ve been very disappointed in Frog God Games ability to convert between systems in the past.

    1. Thanks John :). It’s doing well enough and should fund without any drama. I’d like it to do better to help support the Frogs :).
      In terms of the 5E side, Edwin Nagy is best-placed to do the conversion because of his 5E knowledge but more importantly his involvement in the original creatures and their mechanics. Edwin gets the design goals from his original involvement, so I trust his ability to do the best job possible. Hopefully, it’ll be great 😀

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