Ascoleth: The Last Great City is LIVE on Kickstarter!

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Ascoleth: The Last Great City is LIVE on Kickstarter!!!

A system neutral zine toolkit for weird science-fantasy city roleplaying. Now LIVE! on Kickstarter.

When Tobias and Felix from Rabid Halfling Press got in touch about their zine toolkit for a weird science-fantasy city adventure generator, I got excited. We created a Discord channel where we could discuss it and plan on how to bring it to life.

After reading through, I started to see how it might look in InDesign. It looked TERRIFIC! This had to exist for others. We needed to set up a crowdfunder, we needed to pay for art and print costs and postage out to wonderful gamers everywhere. They all needed to experience Ascoleth, in whatever way the random generator tables decided.

Check out the Kickstarter page here:

There are Early Bird pledges for the first weekend, so don’t miss the chance to get it for a little bit less!!

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What Is It?

Who’s Involved?

Check out the Kickstarter page here:

We’d love to have your support!

Many thanks,

Glynn [MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing], Tobias & Felix [Rabid Halfling Press]

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