ENnie Awards 2022! – Voting for ENnie-nominated HandyMaps is now OPEN

Voting is now OPEN for the ENnie Awards 2022! We’re proud to have been nominated for HandyMaps: Dungeons, Caves & Strange Locales!Please consider voting for us in the following categories: Best Cartography Fan Award for Best Publisher We’d love your vote, it means the world to us and we get to continue creating awesome things.… Read More

Need Maps? Of course you do! Last Few Days!

500+ backers! Over 550% Funded! Two stretch goals down! Hello Everyone, We hope you are all doing well. We just wanted to let you know that the last few days of the campaign are upon us. HandyMaps Dungeons, Caves & Strange Locales So, we have currently funded a set of twenty four (24), double-sided A5… Read More

HandyMaps Dungeons, Caves & Strange Locales has just launched on Kickstarter!

Hello Everyone, We hope you are all doing well. We just wanted to let you know that we have a new Kickstarter campaign running which might interest you. HandyMaps Dungeons, Caves & Strange Locales So, we are creating a set of twenty two (22), double-sided A5 cards showing beautifully illustrated dungeons, caves and strange locales… Read More

Sevens Sisters Ark Expansion

The players in JamesCORP’s Mutant: Year Zero campaign have expanded their Ark! See my previous post here: https://monkeyblooddesign.co.uk/2020/10/16/sevens-sisters-ark/ The upgrades we talked about in the previous post have started to be constructed so we now have the additions of: Sundial Temple. The temple is built in a newly excavated area ready for the group’s further… Read More

Krysonia & Leng Commission

In between working on my own projects, doing commissioned art/map/writing/layout works is a great way to top up the income so the bills get paid. I was approached by Ken Swope to look at updating his own personal campaign world maps for the regions he calls Krysonia and Leng, opting for a full colour approach… Read More

Sevens Sisters Ark

I love post-apocalyptic games. I plan to create my own one day when I get chance. So , I was really excited when James approached me about drawing a map for his Mutant: Year Zero campaign. I’ve run MYZ myself, as a one-shot session for my no-longer-very-face-2-face group, so I understood the gist of the… Read More

Cavrik’s Cove

casl Entertainment I’ve had the very great pleasure of working with Carlos on a previous project, which will be coming to public release in January. You can keep up with Carlos’ Patreon over here: http://www.patreon.com/caslEntertainment. I was excited to work on another project with Carlos for a project coming up this December… Feast your eyes… Read More