HandyMaps Dungeons, Caves & Strange Locales has just launched on Kickstarter!

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We just wanted to let you know that we have a new Kickstarter campaign running which might interest you.

HandyMaps Dungeons, Caves & Strange Locales

So, we are creating a set of twenty two (22), double-sided A5 cards showing beautifully illustrated dungeons, caves and strange locales for fantasy-themed games. The cards can be used as valuable tools for game planning by Game Masters.

Whilst there are 22 cards, they detail a total of 56 locations for you to populate and your players to explore.

The cards will be double-sided in a handy A5 size (210mm high x 148mm wide OR 8.27″ high x 5.83″ wide) from 350gsm uncoated card stock (giving a nice matt finish, suitable for ink and pencil marking).

Each side will be professionally digitally printed on a parchment style background.

The maps will all have a basic grid and minimal text labels (generally kept to elevation marks, stairs/slope directions, secret doors, etc), but NO title, room numbers, or compass allowing Game Masters to use them as they need for their campaigns.

Also, a great opportunity to pick up previous HandyMaps too!

Please feel free to check it out here:


Card fronts
Card rears
Sample card front and rear

Please feel free to check it out here:

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Glynn over at MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing

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