Conan Age of Hyboria Map

I’ve been working on this fan map for a while now, but it’s finally finished as far as I’ll take it for the moment.
We shifted the original version of this to align it more with the Robert E. Howard texts, and it’s thanks to Jk Hep and David Thomas (Rambling Conan Blog) for the double checking and keeping me honest.

Whilst it’s not technically ‘The Lands of Hyboria’, and rather the mainly western lands in the Hyborian Age, I like the title 😛

The files are ISO A2 size at 600dpi, so you can still print it off at 300dpi colour at ISO A0 size!
I hope you like it. If you print it and stick it on your wall, we need photos!

This link should take you to the three high resolution versions of the map as follows:!Asryxq7YIiBZiOYQ5gvO7MSF0zDu5A?e=2S0KkC

  • Full version with borders and text labels
  • Version without borders
  • Version without borders and text labels

Snapshots of the different variants!

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