Two New Books for Other Publishers

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that there are two new books added to the webstore. Now, whilst they are on the MonkeyBlood webstore, they are linked to the respective websites of other publishers, who contracted me to create books for them, so here they are: The Midderlands for 5E (Necromancer… Read More

Two New Products in Webstore

Two new products have hit the UK webstore today! The Bats of Saint Abbans written by Richard Marpole and Dancing with Bullets Under a Neon Sun by Apollyon Press. Check them out on the webstore here: Check out all the juicy pics! Dancing With Bullets Under A Neon Sun The Bats of Saint Abbans

GATEpunk v0.6 Is Out

After some more testing and some things that were buggin’ me… GATEpunk hits v0.6! Download pack:!Asryxq7YIiBZh85eXqvYqmEoayNlRQ?e=cUdEnJ Updated Tests using Opponents to require less rolls to ease GM workload. More consistent and improved terminology. Updated Character sheet and quick reference sheet Combined character sheet and quick reference sheet What is GATEpunk?A Space-time travelling multi-genre RPG.Be… Read More