High Colonies RPG

My recent fun with Coriolis has me excited about sci-fi games. My friends over at Columbia Games (Creators of HârnWorld) have a new Kickstarter which looks super-interesting, High Colonies! A Hard Science Fiction RPG set in the 23rd Century. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/columbiagames/high-colonies?ref=ed64zo All pledge levels are digital PDF, so none of that shipping malarkey to worry about.… Read More

RPG Loot Call: OSE, Cha’alt & Forbidden Lands

I’ve had some pretty amazing #rpgloot turn up in the last week or two, and as I am unable to contain myself any longer, you get to hear about it. Let’s rock! Old School Essentials After a barn-storming Kickstarter campaign, all-round nice-guy Gavin Norman delivered a long-anticipated B/X ruleset which he has lovingly re-crafted using… Read More