Krysonia & Leng Commission

In between working on my own projects, doing commissioned art/map/writing/layout works is a great way to top up the income so the bills get paid.

I was approached by Ken Swope to look at updating his own personal campaign world maps for the regions he calls Krysonia and Leng, opting for a full colour approach (US Letter at 300dpi).

We adjusted a few water flows and I think we created a lovely looking set of maps which join together at the ‘Karim Desert’ seam. We created both colour and mono versions. Check them out by using the slider

The region of Krysonia
The region of Leng
The maps join together such that the hexes continue between maps

If you have a personal campaign and need some cool maps, why not get in touch? Rates are here:

Cheers, Glynn

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