Sevens Sisters Ark

I love post-apocalyptic games. I plan to create my own one day when I get chance. So , I was really excited when James approached me about drawing a map for his Mutant: Year Zero campaign. I’ve run MYZ myself, as a one-shot session for my no-longer-very-face-2-face group, so I understood the gist of the setting.

The visual goal was an Ark–a sanctuary for the player’s characters. It would be based on the actual underground station of Seven Sisters in Tottenham, North London. It needed to have locations for the relevant NPCs and be in a 3D/isometric style usable on VTT. Isometric works best for this as it has a consistent grid for placing tokens.

We would also include ‘upgrades’ to the map such as watchtowers, windmills, generators, lighting, and such for unlocking by the players as they level up their Ark. The basic map would not show these upgrades. I also wanted the map to have an old blueprint feel… (ah! the smell of ammonia!). Drawing in isometric really takes me back to my technical drawing and draughting days!

The thing I love about doing maps like this is having free reign to add some fun little details.

Anyway, feast your eyes upon the Seven Sisters Underground Ark for James.

Check out the live-streamed games here:, And this is where you can see the map reveal, and the players picking their hovels 🙂

Thanks to James and his players (hey, pookie!) for the opportunity!

You can also subscribe to the YouTube playlist here:

Over and out, Glynn

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