RPG Loot Call: OSE, Cha’alt & Forbidden Lands

I’ve had some pretty amazing #rpgloot turn up in the last week or two, and as I am unable to contain myself any longer, you get to hear about it. Let’s rock!

Old School Essentials

After a barn-storming Kickstarter campaign, all-round nice-guy Gavin Norman delivered a long-anticipated B/X ruleset which he has lovingly re-crafted using dweomercraft and pixie dust. What arrived is exactly what I expected and more from someone that pays attention to details. The art is beautiful and layout is beautifully-functional. None of my work in here, I’m sad to say.

I backed the Kickstarter campaign at the Thief level.

Here’s a shit-ton of photos of what turned up:


Venger and I have done a LOT of work together in the past, and it was going to be the best thing we had worked on to date. I did the layout and cartography along the way.

I’m blown away by what turned up. It’s like a coffee table book you’d find in an office — well, a gonzo, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi office, but I’d put it on my coffee table as there’s not much to cause offense in here graphically (I counted just two actual nipples — on a monster). In terms of making an impact on a final project, I’m glad that I did this – it is a lovely, lovely book. Why not snag a copy if you can, Venger’s got some here: https://vengersatanis.blogspot.com/2019/10/chaalt-hardcovers-arrive.html

I backed the Kickstarter campaign at the Hardcover level because I tend to back projects that I work on out of principle (not all though, as sometimes I just don’t have/never played the systems, shipping is a bit of a mare, depends on finances, I don’t tend to do PDF-only stuff, or all of the above).

Anyway, here’s a slime-ton of photos of the book:

Forbidden Lands

And finally, Fria Ligan ran the Forbidden Lands – The Bitter Reach Campaign and Reprint campaign, and I backed this at the FORBIDDEN LANDS SECOND PRINTING level, as I was a doofus, and never backed the original Kickstarter. I think I was having ‘Why the fuck do you need another set of rules you don’t play, but need on your shelf’ fatigue.

After the first Forbidden Lands Kickstarter, I began playing in a Coriolis: The Third Horizon game, so I’m dialled into the D6 dice pool system it uses (same as Tales From The Loop, Mutant Year Zero, etc). I enjoy playing it and when I saw the second printing drop I thought; “I need an OSR fantasy-feel to my D6 dice-pool game.”. It’s a lovely box set

Once again, here’s a shit-ton of photos of what turned up. None of my work in here. The poster map is gorgeous and I love the idea of little stickers to put on it!



2 thoughts on “RPG Loot Call: OSE, Cha’alt & Forbidden Lands

  1. All beautiful books! Enjoyed the dinosaur for scale. Hope they bring you tremendous joy in 2020, hoss.

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