Desecration Rules

In writing my current MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing project Ryecroft (a cemetery-crawl), it occurred to me that there must be a toll paid for desecrating or disturbing burials. After all, it’s a morally objectionable thing for most normal folk (I’d hope).

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Here’s my rough and ready rules…


These rules are optional, but they do give a useful counterpoint to mindless memorial destruction.
There is something morally objectionable about disturbing the rest of the dead, and those that do become affected — some more than others. Players get drawn closer to darkness the more they torment the dead.
For every burial a player character disturbs — multiple burials within a single memorial count — characters gain Desecration Points or DPs. Simply observing while others open a burial doesn’t count towards DPs. Consult the DP Effects Table based on the characters alignment for the effect of DPs on player characters.




DPs can be reduced by the player characters atoning for what they have done, as follows. See the Atonement Table.



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