Locations in Great Lunden

Stabb’s Meats

Jacob Stabb always hangs his ‘deal of the day’ outside his abattoir in Slaughter Ward. His wife keeps telling him not to kill any animals that run off right outside the front — the blood puts folk off.

Coming Soon

There will be 20 building elevations like the above, 17 are complete and coloured. 1 left to colour, 2 left to ink and colour. They will be an A5 page of elevation, an A5 page of floorplans, and an A5 page of game info – That’s 60 pages alone.

Each one will be marked on the main maps, so your players can find it easily.

The poster maps are proceeding well now with the main map 98% complete:

GL map

There will be 4x A2 maps which are enlarged quarters, as well as a slightly more zoomed in inner wards map. Those are created and just need labels adding.

The sewer map is completed now.


That’s it for now. #shattered.

#themidderlands #themidderlands3 #thecityofgreatlunden



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