Sewer Map WIP – City of Great Lunden

The City of Great Lunden is the most ambitious single project I have ever worked on from a mapping perspective…

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With a Kickstarter campaign now planned for launch early-mid March, now is the time to start generating as much hype as you can. Please feel free to post information about The Midderlands — any adventures you’ve played/ran, any reviews, general shout-outs of spontaneous joy, etc. And please, please, please mention the upcoming Kickstarter. This is the kind of things that helps generate exposure and secure funding.

In terms of poster maps (A2), there should be:

  • (85% complete) Great Lunden and its Environs.
  • (75%) Great Lunden Enlarged NE region (with streetnames and such).
  • (75%) Great Lunden Enlarged NW region (with streetnames and such).
  • (75%) Great Lunden Enlarged SE region (with streetnames and such).
  • (75%) Great Lunden Enlarged SW region (with streetnames and such).
  • (75%) Great Lunden Inner Wards
  • (60%) Sewer Network (Inner Wards only).
  • (0%) Rooftop Chase map.

The Ward Map (99%) will be the rear endpaper (so A4):

ward map

I have been working on the sewer map today:

sewer map WIP

The book that accompanies all this is planned to be a 192 to 224 page A5 hardcover like the other Midderlands books.

It will also feature all these cool buildings I’ve been drawing too… with information about who owns them, adventure seeds, and layouts.

THIS will be the book that the 13-year-old me would have drooled over and loved! You won’t want to miss it.


7 thoughts on “Sewer Map WIP – City of Great Lunden

    1. It’s been a huge undertaking so far, so I hope it funds when I finally get it to the gates lol πŸ˜‰

  1. Gorgeous as usual, cannot wait. Just about to start running our own Midderlands group and really looking forward to it!

    1. πŸ˜€ I’ll be in touch about some art soon if you are interested? Your Sea Wych piece will make it into Midderlands 3 also πŸ˜€

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