Nostalgic Look Back at DDO: Stormreach

I woke up today thinking about my time playing Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO). I played the shit out of that game. My real-life friends were online playing and I played with lots of great folks on the European servers.

Siis, Wandy, Mystle, Sorcey, MetaWiz, Doub, Eme, Tarnis… the list goes on. Good times.

I like Eberron as a setting and loved the Warforged class to make Sorcerors. I almost always created female characters… not sure why. If anyone played on the European servers (Aureon, then merged to Keeper, and later merged to US servers as well iirc).

I used the following characters in The Argonaults and The Muppets guilds:

  • Adliandantus Enariol (Wizard)
  • Jyenna DeBastion (Fighter, Two-handed)
  • Tallya DeBastion (Paladin)
  • Kallis ‘Chosen of Tymora’ (Cleric)
  • Natiana Longthorn (Ranger/Fighter thingy)
  • Kyessa DeBastion (Ranger)
  • Pilchard Halibut III (Warforged Sorceror)
  • Rhuin Ravenhammer (???)
  • Pentagon Spiderwell??? (Barbarian)
  • Tessya Debastion (Bard)

I also remember that over that year or so I became a recluse. I didn’t answer the door because I was on a Raid, or in a quest. Looking back, for all the fun I had, I also withdrew a little. It was an escape from a stressful day job though, as while I was doing that, I wasn’t stressing about upcoming meetings or rescuing troublesome projects.

Roleplaying at the table, via VTT, or virtually in-game, it’s a great escapism.

Anyway, here are some screenshots for nostalgia 🙂


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