Massive OSR Humble Bundle!

Hey All!

There is an Old School Humble Bundle up and running and MonkeyBlood Design is super-pleased to be involved (with The Midderlands) along with some top creators.

Here’s the link:MBD-2.jpg

But before you head there, here’s the list of stuff that’s available at the top tier of $18+. All $624 of it!!
It’s pretty staggering!


  • Items highlighted in green are published by MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing.
  • Items highlighted orange feature work by Glynn Seal.


6 thoughts on “Massive OSR Humble Bundle!

  1. Hi Glynn! I think that the poster maps for The Midderlands are actually missing from the bundle. The two images included seem to be the previews only.

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Yes, you are correct. I let the guys at Frog God Games know about this yesterday and they are sorting it with Humble Bundle. If it’s not resolved over the weekend such that you can log back in and get the proper files, let me know and I’ll make sure you get them another way :).

      Many thanks,

      1. Hi Jordan,
        I believe the files in the HumbleBundle are now fixed 🙂
        Many thanks, Glynn

      2. Yes it is! Thank you very much! I can’t wait to start a campaign in The Midderlands.

        I already had Expanded (from a Bundle of Holding, I think?), then kickstarted The City of Great Lunden (great work there, special hat tip to John from Red Dice Diaries for the chase rules!). And now, the one that started it all!

      3. :). I look back now and can’t believe quite how much stuff exists for the setting!

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