The City of Great Lunden – Kickstarter now LIVE!

It has launched! Please feel free to share the news! Following on from the highly successful and acclaimed, 2018 Gold ENnie award-winning ‘The Midderlands‘ campaign setting, and the follow-up ‘The Midderlands Expanded‘, the setting gets an intricately detailed city setting, based on a grim, twisted-fantasy, beryl-hued, late-medieval London. The Kickstarter includes: 224 page hardcover book… Read More

Kickstarter Video

So, my crash course in video editing and Adobe Premiere seems to have paid off. I am pretty bloody happy with this. Almost professional. I shall add KS videos to my other talents. I reckon I will be launching this sucker next Friday 15th March 2019. Hold on to your buttholes for another wild ride.… Read More