State of the Monkey – November 2019

I’m buried in all sort of things at the moment… but I figured it would be a good idea to give an update on some of the key MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing stuff I’m progressing/planning for those interested…

HandyMaps – Buildings & Structures

So, I am putting the finishing touches to a new Kickstarter for another HandyMaps campaign to be run on Kickstarter. The draft preview is up already, so click that Remind Me on Launch button to get an email when it goes live:

Launch is tentatively planned for 10th Dec 2019, but will very likely come forward.

I’ve been working on a couple of extra structures (suggested in the feedback) which will become stretch goals… two cottages and a stables. All your favourite Great Lunden locations will be included (Clopetra’s Needle, Gael’s Sanctuary, Dourgul’s House, etc)

Ryecroft – A Cemetery-Crawl

Ryecroft Art Preview

Another project that will come to Kickstarter early next year is Ryecroft. I’ve been posting about this tentatively already, and it’s moving along nicely. I have the awesome Juan Ochoa working on some art, and also pleased to have the fabulous Jon Hodgson working on the cover. Really excited to see this coming together.

It will be an OSR (S&W Complete) cemetery location which will be mostly devoid of the undead trope, instead focusing on the insects and vermin that thrive there. It’ll have lots of Midderlands references whilst not being a specific Midderlands product.

You can hear the excellent Spikepit podcast (Colin Green) doing any exclusive reading from the Ryecroft project here:—Glynn-Seals-Ryecroft-Exclusive-e6e4jm

Definitely check out the Spikepit podcast, it’s great stuff!

Super-Secret Big Project

I’m currently in negotiations with a large 3PP about a secret project that might take place early next year. You won’t want to miss it. Keep your fingers crossed it happens.

Midderlands Dice Bags and Storage Boxes

So, Midderlands Dice Bags are in the UK, currently processing through customs, so they will be up on the store very soon by December… Also, The Midderlands storage boxes will be a thing around December, also up on the store. Somewhere to finally keep all your Midderzines, maps, cards, and bookmarks in one place.

Treat yourself this Christmas!



The Bats of St. Abbans

The great Richard Marpole (Midderzines and Adventures in Great Lunden story) is currently working on an adventure called The Bats of St Abbans. Here’s the cover art so far. No release date as yet.

TBoSA cover lores.jpg

Midderzine Issue #4

Tentatively in progress. My challenge is to deviate from my usual Serif PagePlus and Affinity Publisher layout tools, and use InDesign instead… I’ll need that just in the the Super-Secret Big Project happens. I’ve made a good start, and a couple of great folks have expressed a desire to contribute content.

Trollfang, Serpentlands, Lost Machines, and a Midderlands Megadungeon…

All these are in the pipes but progressing at less speed than the other things above.

Anyway,¬† hope that’s whetted your appetite.

Over and out, Glynn

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