Return from Espaneria plus Great Lunden Wallhanging


So, I’m back from Espaneria (possible spelling of The Midderlands version of Spain).
I took a week off to holiday on the south coast of Spain. Visited Gibraltar and saw some of the workforce… to be honest they were arsing around in the sun, eating fruit, pickpocketing, and picking at each other.

(L to R) Bananafinger, Roger ‘The Melon’ Poopflinger


We walked in to the Siege Tunnels and The Nook! An elevated cannon platform blasted out of the rock. The Nook is about third of the way up the picture. You can see two small openings for the cannons to fire out of.


The next day, back in Torremolinos and in-between Pokemon-chasing, we saw some nice cannons at Battery Park. My first Uber was booked to get back from there!

On the flight back last night (darkness), I saw Madrid all lit up as we flew slightly east of it. It’s bloody huge!

Shite photo of Madrid at night (reflection of me in aeroplane window, at 38,000 feet)

Great Lunden Wallhanging

Anyway, for those of you interested in keeping up with The City of Great Lunden, I ordered a wall hanging to allow me to keep track of the upcoming Kickstarter writing… Got it from RedBubble (currently set to private as it’s still WIP) — It came out lovely (51″ x 60″). It will be great in play/playtesting.

This will be available from RedBubble once the new Kickstarter goes to preorder stage.

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