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Matt Sanders is a psychologist in the UK who specialises in child behaviour and development. He has been roleplaying since 1982, and since early 2017, he has been using RPGs as a therapeutic tool to help with social and emotional issues in children, teens, and young adults.

He currently has 48 players, aged from 7 to 71, now that he has added two groups for older (55+) people who also struggle every day with a range of emotional problems.

To help support Dr Matt and these groups, I will be giving them material (exclusive maps, monsters, exclusive access to Kickstarter preview material, store coupons, etc.) to pass on to their Patrons. Other publishers already are and will be doing the same, so please support them and get your hands on lots of groovy stuff. The money raised simply helps support the groups with obtaining new materials to play with and admin. The Buy in is minimal!

Check out the announcements on the Patreon page, and take a look at some stuff already available (free material and store coupon from the great folks at Frog God Games), and support this great endeavor.

2 thoughts on “Patreon Support – Mind Games with Dr Matt

  1. I love this idea. Now we just need a group for adults in their 30s because I could totally use this to help me with my issues!

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