The Midderlands meets… ‘Something Stinks in Stilton’

In this series of blog posts, we take a look at possible adventures or scenarios that are a really good fit for use in The Midderlands setting, and how they can be tweaked to make them seamless.

For this post, it’s Something Stinks in Stilton. You can get hold of it by heading over here and supporting the good folks at the MAC…

(c) Melsonian Arts Council.


This is for low level, and can stay that way – suggested levels 1-3.

What is it?

Something Stinks in Stilton is a great adventure written by Oli Palmer, illustrated by Oli along with Anxious P, and layout, editing and design by Daniel Sell. Chris Lawson and James Maliszewski were consultants. It is published by Melsonian Arts Council. The blerb for the adventure reads…

“In the 13th century, Stilton produced amazing cheese. Then the Church came and suddenly the cheese trade died out. Now it’s 1730 and the village of Stilton has started producing great cheese again.

You intend to find out why.

An adventure into darkest Cambridgeshire, for levels 1-3. Compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess and most other old-fashioned Dungeons & Dragons clones.”

To be honest, there really isn’t much to do to make this fit into The Midderlands. So, without further ado, let’s look at how this can be made to be a seamless fit for adventuring in The Midderlands.


The real-life village of Stilton is located just south of Peterborough in the UK.

In terms of The Haven Isles, you can place it in Cameshire somewhere along its northern border with Linkernshire, on the route between Stainford and Came Bridge – see map.

There are a couple of references to other locations, Wymondham and Melton Mowbray.

For the purposes of running the session in the Midderlands:

  • Melton Mowbray can be replaced with Millton (Hex Q19 – just north and east of Wymondham).
  • Stilton (Hex T21) and Wymondham (Border of Hex Q19/R20) can remain the same.
Midderlands Stinks Map.jpg
The Haven Isles


The monetary standard used is silver pieces or sp (as befits LotFP).

  • All references to gold pieces or gp should be changed to gold quids.
  • All references to silver pieces or sp should be changed to silver shillings.

Main changes

  • Gloombug Lanterns: When outside at night, the main high street can be lit with gloombug lanterns.
  • Cows to Mud Cows: The adventures focuses on cows, and it is suggested to change all references to Mud Cows. References to the ‘cow shed’ can be changed to the ‘mud cow shed’ also.
  • Milk: The milk can retain the effects stated in the adventure although a greenish tinge is more fitting. It could be tainted with gloomium accounting for its weird effects.
  • Cheese: The cheese can retain the effects stated in the adventure. Optionally, because of the gloomium-taint amend the table results as follows:
    • Roll on the Gloomtouched Deformities table (The Midderlands, page 11).


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