Watchman’s Stone (Maps)

As per yesterdays WIP picture, the Watchman’s Stone is now ready in three variants:

  • FULL – with numbering, notes and grid.
  • GRID – Grid only, no notes and numbering.
  • VTT – No grid, no notes or numbering.

Perfectly usable in The Midderlands by placing it anywhere off the coast. A great pirate hangout. Maybe now taken over by sharkfolk, their gloomcrab steeds protecting the waters around its base.

“Off the coast, in shallow waters, a basalt slab rises from the choppy sea. Known as Watchman’s Stone, it was once used by the Seawatch Order to protect the coastal towns.

Long ago, beacon fires would be lit on its balconies to warn the coastal town of invaders coming from the south. Now it lies long-derelict… or does it?”

Please let us know what you think...

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