ENnies 2021

The close date for submission to the ENnies 2021 is for packages post-marked 1st May 2021. My ENnie performance in previous years has been as follows: 2018 – Gold ENnie for Best Cartography for The Midderlands 2019 – Nomination for Best Cartography for The Midderlands Expanded. 2020 – Nothing I deliberated on whether to enter… Read More

Two New Products in Webstore

Two new products have hit the UK webstore today! The Bats of Saint Abbans written by Richard Marpole and Dancing with Bullets Under a Neon Sun by Apollyon Press. Check them out on the webstore here: Check out all the juicy pics! Dancing With Bullets Under A Neon Sun The Bats of Saint Abbans

A Pile of Awesome

I’ve been a little lax on the blog posts lately, as I’ve been soooo busy. Mainly with the Bats of Saint Abbans Kickstarter fulfilment, and some work on GATEpunk v0.7. I’ve even commissioned the cover artist as well as some character/race/profession artwork, as well as some playtesting and rules work/updates. It’s going well and hope… Read More

GATEpunk v0.6 Is Out

After some more testing and some things that were buggin’ me… GATEpunk hits v0.6! Download pack: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Asryxq7YIiBZh85eXqvYqmEoayNlRQ?e=cUdEnJ Updated Tests using Opponents to require less rolls to ease GM workload. More consistent and improved terminology. Updated Character sheet and quick reference sheet Combined character sheet and quick reference sheet What is GATEpunk?A Space-time travelling multi-genre RPG.Be… Read More