Big October Update!

Well this last month or two has been craaaazy busy. Web site sales have been strong, commissions have been consistent, and time for my personal projects has been reduced slightly, although I have been carrying on where I can, and The Midderlands 5E Kickstarter continues to excite!

MonkeyBlood Talks

My very irregular podcast has had an episode recently, and may more to come. Might be worth a subscribe so you can get underwhelmed by the irregularity. I try to be funny though:

Commission Projects

I’ve been picking up commissions from new and existing clients alike, here are some quick shout-outs:


Always a pleasure to be working with Thom over at Throwigames. One for the Frog God Games monthly subscription adventures you can get them here:

casl Entertainment

I recently completed a map of a coastal town of Cavrik’s Cove for Carlos over at casl Entertainment. More on that in an upcoming separate blog post!


I also did some work on a Mutant Year Zero Ark for a Twitch live streamed campaign by JamesCORP. More on that in an upcoming separate blog post too!

Necrotic Gnome/Exalted Funeral

I’m super pleased to be working with Necrotic Gnome on the adventure maps for the most recent Old School Essentials Kickstarter. Super happy to be working with Gavin, Matt, Donn, Luka, Diogo, and the rest of the team involved.

The Midderlands 5E

Coming up on £9k ($11.5k) and getting towards the stretch goals, we have just under two-weeks to go! Still time to get it here:

You can also get the taster PDF here which shows you the kind of thing the beautiful 160-page book will be like! Storefront

We have now uploaded most of our digital titles over at the store. Check them out here:

To celebrate, we have stuck some items into a sale, so if you want any digital content, that might be the best place to grab it at the moment.

New HandyMaps Bundle on the MonkeyBlood Webstore!

We have a new bundle on the main webstore here. Get both HandyMaps card releases and a storage box!

New Projects

I’ve been working on two new projects when time allows, and both should be coming up as the next projects, with one hitting Kickstarter next…

The Bats of Saint Abbans

Written by Richard Marpole and playtested by several groups, this project is laid out and well on its way to being refined enough for Kickstarter. Keep an eye out very soon!

Likely to be 4 separate booklets (Intro & NPCs, Adventure, Bestiary, and Map Book) we have Jim Magnusson working on the Bestiary already!


Play an actual witch in a fictional 17th century landscape based on Salem and Pendle. This project might be controversial, but here’s some early art/project work…

Other projects are always in the works, but these two are currently centre-stage in between everything else!

Megadungeon Monday

For those of you that don’t follow the blog, I have been drawing away at a part of megadungon every week for what is now 47 weeks. All 52 pieces have now been created and schedule for posting ever monday on the blog!

Check out the latest posts by following the #megadungeonmonday tag:

Let me know what you’d like me to do with it in the comments.

Map parts 001 to 047 shown…

Thanks everyone, Glynn

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