Banks of the River

Somewhere in Dyffud in the country of Oldenwale, the River Towery winds its way down to the coast. A small island splits the river, the locals call it Bol Diafol or Devil’s Belly. It is said that a giant fallen devil was drown in the water here, and only his prodigious belly poked out, turning to stone.

The ancestors built a line of standing stones ending in a stone circle of five menhirs, which sit upon the island. A further follower stone sits hidden in the trees and undergrowth on the northern bank — its purpose a mystery.

Legend says that if the stones are broken, the devil will rise once again and wreak havoc in the area. Locals avoid the area as it is said to be haunted by the demonic ghost.

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  1. I seem to remember an early Dyson Map which looked to me like coiled intestines. That would go with the backstory on this one as the delve under the Island

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