Crypt of the Science Wizard

It’s my birthday today!! Please send cake :).

Skeeter Green is quite literally, a science wizard. Zach will tell you. It was an absolute pleasure to be asked to do some work on this project — his first for SGP (Skeeter Green Productions). Working with Skeeter was a pleasure, he’s enthusiastic and great fun. Skeeter and the rest of the team did a wonderful job.

I handled the colour work of The Sumatra Basin map, as well as all the illustrations in the separate ‘player’s handout style’ artbook — just like S1 Tomb of Horrors.

Also, I love the personal notes on the package and in the book. Haha!

Get the digital version here:

If you want a physical copy, then maybe get in touch with Skeeter via social media (Facebook), or message him via the Kickstarter page:

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