The Citadel at Nordvörn

Today is another shout-out post.

Doug Cole of Gaming Ballistic is a client that is fabulous to work with. Not only is he accommodating, friendly, and enthusiastic, but he is dependable and knowledgeable. Doug is the first to offer assistance where he can, and aside from knowing TONS about shields, he also knows a LOT about printers.

I’m lucky to get the opportunity to work with Doug on not only his Dragon Heresy projects, but also his licensed GURPS Dungeon Fantasy products. Check out Doug’s storefront to see his fantastic offerings…

A recent project I worked on was The Citadel at Nordvörn, which is a setting detailing several towns for the Dungeon Fantasy system, which was funded by a very successful Kickstarter campaign. I loved working on these maps and it’s always a pleasure to work with Doug, as well as be alongside a great bunch of creatives in the credits 🙂

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