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So, the other day I wrote a blog post about my support of the Patreon for Mind Games with Dr Matt. I really admire the effort and work put into this and wanted to offer my support with content as well as patronage, which I am doing, as well as many other top creators.

Here’s my latest offering…

Island of Hsst Akal Map 1 - Full LORES

The Patreon is setup simply. Two tiers. $1 or more, and $5 or more.

The $5 or more pledge is where the action is really at.
JUST LOOK AT THIS already for $5 (about £3.80) per month.
Let each one sink in…

  • $10 off a purchase from the Frog God Games Webstore between now and the 30th of April 2019
  • The Northlands Saga Complete (PF), plus Player’s Guide & Map! That’s an 807 page PDF!
  • £5 off orders of £30 or over on the MonkeyBlood Design webstore between now and the 30th of April 2019
  • Get The Midderlands for just $5 at DriveThruRPG
  • The original cover art sketches for Dragon Warriors!
  • Heart of Ice, a Choose Your Own Adventure game book by Dave Morris
  • The Crypt on Keeper Hill, a Interlude for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, from Fail Squad Games.
  • 10% off at Chaosium valid until December 31st 2019, and can be used once per customer account.
  • The Island of Hsst-Akal : An exclusive 12-map pack (variants of same map) from award-winning cartographer, Glynn Seal – with free commercial license for Patreon supporters!
  • and they keep coming…

I am totally serious!

Also, just heard the awesome Robert J. Schwalb is on board, as well as many other great folks. This might well be ‘THE’ Patreon to get on board with for 2019.

Head here:


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