The City of Great Lunden

So, many of you know that I am underway with the planning and preparation stage for the third Midderlands book, The City of Great Lunden.

As it currently stands, the book is about 20k words in, with a 60-70k target, so still plenty more to do before I launch the Kickstarter between now and beginning of March.

So, what is currently planned:

  1. An A5 hardcover book detailing the city and its surrounding wards.
  2. A reversible A2 folded map of:
    • Front: Great Lunden and its surroundings.
    • Rear: The Inner Wards of Great Lunden.
  3. A reversible A2 folded map of:
    • Front: Some of the rooftops of the Inner Wards (for rooftop chases).
    • Rear: The sewer network.
  4. Six A5 Pregen character cards (for convention games and pregen use). These will also feature is a short story within the book, written by Richard Marpole.
  5. Other stuff that I have rattling around in my head.
One of the pregenerated characters, Tessa Tennant. She is one of the ‘The Gardeners of Walshale’. This shows the front and rear of the A5 card. Character Art by Juan Ochoa.
This is my current WIP map of The City of Great Lunden. There is still A LOT to do on this.
Street names
This is my current notes on details of the Inner Wards. It’s keeping me on the straight and narrow with regards to street names and such.

Anyway… back to the grindstone.


4 thoughts on “The City of Great Lunden

  1. I am TOTALLY STOKED to see you doing this. PLEASE, PLEASE make sure to include at least 2 or 3 pages of Thieves’ Cant in the old “Lunden” style. Or have a handful of rival gangs and guilds with NPCs. This could be my favorite MonkeyBlood book yet!

    1. Haha, I shall add it to the list. Things such as “That’ll be five teapot lids” = quids.

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