Gloomium Elemental & Happy New Year

Model pictured is a Stone Monster from the Eldrador range by Schleich.
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Suitable for use with The Midderlands setting.

Gloomium Elemental

HIT DICE: 8, 12, or 16
ATTACKS: 2 Fists (2d8 each) plus special
SAVING THROW: 8, 3, or 3
SPECIAL: Gloom Punch, Immune to non-magic weapons, Double damage from Middium weapons, Tear down stone.
CHALLENGE LEVEL/XP: 8 HD (9/1,100), 12 HD (13/2,300), 16HD (17/3,500)

Gloomium Elementals are hulking, deformed and corrupted Earth Elementals. They favour the darkness and cold of the subterranean where they can track down veins of gloomium, and sate their addiction to the substance, absorbing it into their bodies.

As Earth Elementals can, Gloomium Elementals fist damage is reduced by 1d6 if the opponent is not standing on a stone or earth surface. They can also tear apart stone structures.

After two successful hits from a Gloomium Elemental’s fists, the victim suffers Gloom Punch, and should make a saving throw. If failed, the victim suffers a gloom-touched deformity (see The Midderlands, page 11). The deformity occurs over a period of 1d4+2 days and lasts until a Cure Disease spell is cast on the victim, or until the Game Master’s discretion.

Gloomium Elementals hate middium, and suffer double damage from any middium-made weapons.

A defeated Gloomium Elemental crumbles to inanimate boulders streaked with veins of gloomium. Albeit dangerous to handle, specialists can extract the ore to make gloomium ingots and other such small – and dangerous — curiosities.

HAPPY 2019

And to close… HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope 2019 is your year!

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