Oh crap! I might have a new addiction I need to curb. As well as Kickstarters for books I hoard on shelves, I now have a need to buy miniatures I don’t use much.

Thanks Schleich.

For comparison, this critter is non-Schleich. The rust monster in the featured image header above (and below) was one I got in a pack of plastic soldiers or something or other. I think there is a story about this creature, and that the D&D rust monster was actually designed because of the availability of this miniature. I’m sure there is a link on the web somewhere to its origins.

I deeply suspect the fighter has not encountered one of these before.

To be fair, the mini is shit. Quality was not at the forefront of the manufacturers mind here. I suspect that they envisaged it being covered in baby saliva and getting gummed to death.

Anyhow. Back to Schleich. I’m getting a T-Rex for Christmas. Because I am a 40+ year old man-baby, and it makes me smile. However, not before I garnered two more delightful character-killers…


He’s a sucker for a fight.

And a Crocodile… Yes, a damn, big crocodile.

It’s a toothed-rotaty-limb-breaker.

I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself about these. I shall attempt to weave them into my setting sessions with as much game-juice as I can siphon.

Behind The Walls

Shit the bed. Proofs have shipped. Getting close now.

Other Things

While I am here. Two crowdfunding campaigns to advise you of (again)… but these are now ending VERY SOON.

1) The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon

Yes, THE Deathtrap Dungeon. Currently 71% funded at 30hrs remaining mark. I’m on in game maps, so please give it some love:


2) Lost Halls of Tyr

And I shall be crafting maps for this one, which is already safely funded…


Please let us know what you think...

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