Schleich Toys as Miniatures

A while back, I went to a local zoo. On the way out, I visited their gift shop and was struck by the Schleich miniatures they had on sale of various zoo creatures and other cattle/farm animals. I decided to get a couple because the quality was so good. Not cheap particularly, but saved a lot of painting time. Some parts are posable, but generally they are stock-posed. Example: The Dunkleosteus’ jaw moves up and down.
I got the Barapasaurus and the Dunkleosteus.

It’s definitely worth checking out the Schleich dinosaurs, ESPECIALLY if you plan a Lost Island style crawl.


The Wildlife products have great predator animals like bears, wolves, rhinos, elephants, tarantulas and Great White sharks, octopi, etc. The scale of these might be a bit too big, but as giant versions they are GREAT. The wolf is about 2″ tall.


And finally check out their Eldrador range. These are more fantastical creatures…


Check them out, they are awesome!!

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