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Neath 3D Product Details

Digital download only

If you are considering purchasing, then there are a few things to bear in mind;

  1. No previous 3D modelling experience required – The tutorials available will walk you through the simple use of these components.
    Read through this tutorial to see what’s involved: Neath 3D Mapping Tutorial r5
  2. SketchUp Make – You will need to download and install SketchUp Make to use these components.  Don’t worry – it’s FREE (for non–commercial purposes) and its available for Windows and Mac – head here;, or search the Internet for ‘SketchUp Make’.
  3. PC Specification – The better your PC, the more fluid your use of these components will be – SketchUp is, after all, a 3D graphics program.  Your PC must meet the minimum specifications for SketchUp Make.  The SketchUp Make 2014 hardware and software specifications can be found here :
  4. Photo-realistic Renders – Map views can be exported as 2D image files once created, and used as things like visuals, dungeon plans, battlemaps, or just plain art.  If you want to get some photo-realistic renders of your images, then get the fantastic Visualizer plug-in rendered from here :  This is now FREE, but only works with SketchUp Make versions 2015 or earlier!
  5. Licensing – The components and textures are not to be distributed.  This also means by sharing the .skp files created (even via the online SketchUp 3D Warehouse).  The images you create from the models you make are free for distribution as you require (commercial and non-commercial use).  We would ask you to read the license file in the distributed .zip file if you require further information.


What can I do with these components?

Most role-playing games rely on the need to create or use dungeon and cavern maps for their games.
The pens and paper come out and the GM will draw out the maps they need.  This set of components put the tools in the hands of the GM to create FAST 3-dimensional maps and generate the views of the map that they need for their game.

You can use them for the following:

  1. Build them for use as role-playing game aids;
    1. Create visuals of perspective views, player’s eye visuals, top down maps, sectional views, etc.
    2. Create images for preparing Battlemaps (requires graphic editing software, such as Gimp (free), Photoshop, etc).
  2. Build for fun.

So, what’s in the set?

The set currently contains 176 separate components arranged into grouped folders, and distributed as a .zip file.  The .zip file contains a number of grouped folders:

  1. Caverns – A collection of components for making caverns.
  2. Dungeons – A collection of components for making dungeons.
  3. External – A collection of components for making external areas (outside areas) which include entrances.
  4. Furniture – A collection of components for furnishing your maps, such as doors, statues, sarcophagi, etc.
  5. Premade – A collection of pre-made components for you to drop straight into your maps.  These are generally made using the other existing components.

Each folder contains a number of .skp files (SketchUp’s native file format), each of which are individual components.

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