Havenland Fantasy Map Icon/Symbol Set/Pack



Havenland Map Icon/Symbol Set/Pack for Overland Fantasy Map Creation

Digital download only

408 colour map symbols, 404 lineart and 405 white-filled symbols.

Images created using Havenland Symbols…

What format are the symbols?
The symbols are provided as transparent .png files. There are individuals files for all symbols and in some instances, where symbols are of a common type (hills, mountains, etc), they are provided as a single file with multiple symbols laid out in a grid format. This is to ease creation of custom brushes, picture tubes, etc.

Symbols include:

Dunes (x6), Distant Forest (x6), Grassland (x12), Hills (x27), Mountains High (x18), Mountains Low (x27), Mountains Snowcapped (x18), Marshland (x12), Mountains Volcanoes (x21), Strewnfield

(Rubble) (x18), Structures Large A (1x Town, 1x City, 1x Village, 1x Hamlet, 1x Fortress), Structures Large B (1x Town, 1x City, 1x Village, 1x Hamlet, 1x Fortress), Structures Minor B (x1 Ruin, 1x Yurt, x1 Igloo, x1 lighthouse, x1 Treehouse, x1 Stonebones), Land Features (x1 Oasis, x1 Pond, x1 Sinking Ship, x1 Crevasse, x1 Crater, x1 Sinkhole, x1 Mud pool, x1 Ridge, x1 Gorge), Map Aids (x1 Compass Rose, 1x Scalebar), Map Embellishments (x2 Clouds, x1 Toadstools, x1 Tentacle, x1 Big Fish, 1x Warship), Tableland (Mesa) (x6), Trees Dead (x27), Trees Deciduous (x27), Trees Pointy (x27), Structures Minor (x4 Bridges, x2 Standing Stones, x1 Stone Obelisk, x2 Stone Heads, x4 Towers, x1 Windmill, x1 Graveyard, x1 Mill, x2 Cottages, x1 Wig-wams, x1 Mud huts, x1 Ziggurat, x1 Maze, x2 Ruins, x1 Cave, x1 Keep, x1 Pyramid), Map Embellishments (Legend, Title Scrolls, Shield Emblems x4), Features (Badland, Bushfire, Cliff, Desert Island, Dirigible, Docks, Dragon – [Blue, Black, White, Red, Green, Gold, Bronze], Field with Scarecrow, Fire, Floating Rock, Flowers, Flying Carpet, 2x Glacier, Haystacks, Horse & Cart, 2x Icebergs, Lava Chasm, Nest, Quicksand, Sea Monster, Ship, 2x Skeletons, Small Boat, Sword in Stone, Tornado, Trojan Horse, 2x Waterfalls, Whirlpool, Wickerman), Hills (Barrows, 2x Hill Figures), Mountains (2x Entrances, with Path), 6x Trees Fruit, Structures (Acropolis, Arches, Bridge Arched, Church, Coliseum, Dam, Farmhouse, Hill Fort, Mountain Hold, 3x Pagoda, Pyramids, Ropebridge, Sea Fort, Shards, Sphinx, Statue, 2x Temples, Three Towers, Town Walled, Treevillage, Watchtower, Witches Lair, Ziggurat).


Backgrounds and Textures
The Havenland sets comprises 10 seamless textures as follows;
Desert, Farmland, Forest, Grassland, Ice, Plains, Scrublands, Sea, Swamp and Tundra.
Additionally, some Hex seamless textures are provided for use as backgrounds or overlays.

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