Myrklund Fantasy Overland Map Icon/Symbol Set/Pack



Myrklund Map Icon/Symbol Set/Pack for Overland Fantasy Map Creation

Digital download only

Images created using Myrklund icons and textures…

Create awesome overland maps using the Myrklund symbols. The total set contains 214 symbols.

Base Symbols

These comprise 63 unique symbols as follows:

  • 6x Mountain Small
  • 4x Mountain Large
  • 2x Mountain Snowcapped
  • 1x Volcano Dormant
  • 1x Volcano Active
  • 6x Hill Grassland
  • 6x Tree Coniferous
  • 6x Tree Deciduous
  • 3x Tree Jungle
  • 2x Tree Dead
  • 1x Settlement Village
  • 1x Settlement Town
  • 1x Settlement Hamlet
  • 1x Settlement City
  • 1x Structure Wizards Tower
  • 1x Structure Tower
  • 1x Structure Henge
  • 1x Structure Fortress
  • 1x Structure Castle
  • 1x Bridge East-West
  • 1x Bridge North-South
  • 1x Bridge Diagonal
  • 1x Ruins Large
  • 1x Ruin Small
  • 1x Ship
  • 1x Swamp
  • 1x Ridge
  • 1x Crevasse
  • 1x Monolith
  • 1x Entrance
  • 1x Desert Pyramid
  • 2x Desert Mesa
  • 1x Desert Dunes
  • 1x Oasis
  • 1x Tentacles

Colour Variants

Additionally, the following 88 colour variants of the above symbols are provided:

  • 4x Mountain Large Desert
  • 4x Mountain Large Snow
  • 6x Mountain Small Desert
  • 6x Mountain Small Snow
  • 2x Mountain Snowcapped Snow
  • 2x Mountain Saltcapped
  • 1x Volcano Dormant Desert
  • 1x Volcano Dormant Snow
  • 1x Volcano Active Desert
  • 1x Volcano Active Snow
  • 6x Hill Desert
  • 6x Hill Snow
  • 6x Hill Tundra
  • 6x Hill Scrubland
  • 6x Tree Deciduous Red
  • 6x Tree Deciduous Orange
  • 3x Tree Jungle Red
  • 3x Tree Jungle Orange
  • 1x Settlement Village Reddened
  • 1x Settlement Town Reddened
  • 1x Settlement Hamlet Reddened
  • 1x Settlement City Sandstone
  • 1x Structure Wizards Tower Sandstone
  • 1x Structure Tower Sandstone
  • 1x Structure Henge Sandstone
  • 1x Structure Fortress Sandstone
  • 1x Structure Castle Sandstone
  • 1x Bridge East-West Sandstone
  • 1x Bridge North-South Sandstone
  • 1x Ruins Large Sandstone
  • 1x Ruin Small Sandstone
  • 1x Entrance Sandstone
  • 1x Monolith Weird
  • 1x Monolith Desert
  • 1x Tentacles Turquoise
  • 1x Tentacles Purple

White-filled Variants

And finally, an additional 63 white-filled versions:

  • 6x Mountain Small Whitefilled
  • 4x Mountain Large Whitefilled
  • 2x Mountain Snowcapped Whitefilled
  • 1x Volcano Dormant Whitefilled
  • 1x Volcano Active Whitefilled
  • 6x Hill Grassland Whitefilled
  • 6x Tree Coniferous Whitefilled
  • 6x Tree Deciduous Whitefilled
  • 3x Tree Jungle Whitefilled
  • 2x Tree Dead Whitefilled
  • 1x Settlement Village Whitefilled
  • 1x Settlement Town Whitefilled
  • 1x Settlement Hamlet Whitefilled
  • 1x Settlement City Whitefilled
  • 1x Structure Wizards Tower Whitefilled
  • 1x Structure Tower Whitefilled
  • 1x Structure Henge Whitefilled
  • 1x Structure Fortress Whitefilled
  • 1x Structure Castle Whitefilled
  • 1x Bridge East-West Whitefilled
  • 1x Bridge North-South Whitefilled
  • 1x Bridge Diagonal Whitefilled
  • 1x Ruins Large Whitefilled
  • 1x Ruin Small Whitefilled
  • 1x Ship Whitefilled
  • 1x Crevasse Whitefilled
  • 1x Ridge Whitefilled
  • 1x Swamp Whitefilled
  • 1x Monolith Whitefilled
  • 1x Entrance Whitefilled
  • 1x Desert Pyramid Whitefilled
  • 2x Desert Mesa Whitefilled
  • 1x Desert Dunes Whitefilled
  • 1x Oasis Whitefilled
  • 1x Tentacles Whitefilled

What format are the symbols provided in?

All the symbols and textures are provided in a single .zip file, which contains all the files in transparent .png file format.

How big are the symbols?

The symbols each vary in size slightly.
For example, in Mountain Large (1).png, the mountain is about 870px high. If you print that at 300dpi, it would be almost 3 inches high! So, quite big.
The Ruin Small.png file is about 216px high, so that would print out at about 3/4” high at 300dpi.


Additionally, there are 20 background textures. These are 1024 x 1024 pixels each and repeatable, comprising:

  • Desert Simple
  • Desert Textured
  • Farmland Simple
  • Farmland Textured
  • Forest Simple
  • Forest Textured
  • Grassland Simple
  • Grassland Textured
  • Ice Simple
  • Ice Textured
  • Land Background (Plains) Simple
  • Land Background (Plains) Textured
  • Scrublands Simple
  • Scrublands Textured
  • Sea Simple
  • Sea Textured
  • Swamp Simple
  • Swamp Textured
  • Tundra Simple
  • Tundra Textured

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