The Trojan Pig

Every year I think, “I’ll just not get any time to submit to the One Page Dungeon Contest this year.” And every year, by the skin of my teeth, I somehow manage to make a panic-submission with a couple of days to spare.

It’s a great contest for all abilities and if you haven’t entered this year, you should consider it next year.

Deadline is this Wednesday 15th June at 24:00hrs UK time.

INTRODUCTION: Uncovered by the harsh desert winds, a giant porcine form of gold emerges from its silica slumber. As the wind whips stinging sand into your eyes, you know it’s the only shade you have seen for miles.
Whilst searching for the Pyramid of Dimhotep the Stupid [or chasing another desert legend], the PCs stumble upon the giant automated golden pig constructed millennia ago.
Created as an elaborate ruse, the golden pig is an automaton intended to lure an enemy king into allowing a ‘gift from the gods’—in the form of a revered animal—into their city. Little would they know that it was controlled from inside by an elite unit of fighting men, who would escape from its confines once inside the city, and slay its king.
The golden pig never got that far.
Halfway across the desert expanse separating the warring kings—a victim of its colossal weight—the golden pig became stuck up to its belly in the unstable sands. The limbs became unmovable, the access hatch in its belly inescapable, and the rear hatch stuck fast as the heat expanded its metal mechanism. The elite force inside were cooked alive. As quick as the automaton became stuck, the shifting sands buried it from view, hidden for millennia, until now.

Glynn Seal, The Trojan Pig

Here’s a link to the PDF version.

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