Some Juicy Kickstarters

It seems like the brakes are coming off on Kickstarter projects, and with fulfillment for most now seemingly a couple of months down the line, it seems safe to do so.

I wanted to plug some Kickstarters from friends and colleagues and announce one of my own…

If you haven’t got AS&SH yet, you really should (head over to the North Wind Adventures website). You may also want to get these dice because Xathoqqua demands it. Jeff is a true stalwart, a gentleman, a scholar, a hunk o’ love. Back with total confidence.

Disclaimer: I have no commercial involvement in this project. I have worked with Jeff previously on many projects.

Doug Cole over at Gaming Ballistic is a machine and a legend. I’ve worked with Doug on a pile of projects and every one has been a pleasure and a joy. Check out his store and this campaign and feast at the marvels that await.

Disclaimer: I believe I will be handling cartography on these projects. I have worked with Doug previously on many projects.

If you love DCC, then this 0-Level Funnel by the master of ‘grabbing your game by the scruff of the neck and shouting “PLAY ME, PLAY ME!”, Sean Richer of Orbital Intelligence is here. If you love worms and moths and funnels, check it out!

Disclaimer: I hope to be doing layout/design work on this project. I have worked with Sean previously on many projects.

Levi Combs over at Planet X Games is doing some proper old school, grindhouse, pulpy, RPG stuff, and it rocks. Levi is also a goddamn hero.

Disclaimer: I have no commercial involvement in this project, and have never worked with Levi.

The frogs over at Frog God Games look to have an interesting town project in the offering… Back it. Keep it secret, keep it safe.

Disclaimer: I have no commercial involvement in this project. I have previously worked with both Frog God Games and Necromancer Games.

Diogo Nogueira at Old Skull Publishing is a robot. A robot programmed to create great RPG stuff. He has teamed up with Alan over at Gallant Knight Games to bring us a kid/family-centric RPG. Check it out. Looks juicy.

Disclaimer: I have no commercial involvement in this project. I have never worked directly with Diogo or Alan.

Are you still with me? Goodo.

Richard Marpole and I have put together a book for people that love old school roleplaying games, magicians, and British folklore. Richard has written it, and I’ve done the art and graphic design. I think it might be the best thing MonkeyBlood Design has ever created…

Coming to Kickstarter very soon…

It will be a quick 14 day campaign. Please keep an eye out for it, so you don’t miss out.

Many thanks, Glynn

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