The Bats of Saint Abbans : Playtest

Richard Marpole and I have been working on a new adventure called The Bats of Saint Abbans. Richard has written it (and it’s great!!), and I’ve been doing the cartography, art, graphic design and layout. It’s just over 100 pages (A5) and it’s ready to inflict on people.

  • Rules: Swords & Wizardry Complete, but any OSR/retroclone system should be fine.
  • Character Levels: 1 to 3
  • Setting: The Midderlands, specifically Saint Abbans in Hertshire on The Haven Isles map. Can be tacked into any fantasy setting without too much trouble though.
  • The players aid the abbess in ridding the working abbey of a bat problem. Involves exploration and climbing/falling, etc.

If any groups would like to playtest it and provide feedback, feel free to contact us using the form below. Include a comment as to why you would like to be considered for the playtest and to help us whittle down any applicants if we get too many requests.

Those players and game masters that are involved in the playtest will receive a playtesting credit in the book (available via DriveThru RPG in PDF and print on demand), and also when it’s released, a free PDF and as many at-cost print copies as you like.

A playtest pack will be sent digitally (via download link), which will include;

  • The adventure as a bookmarked PDF
  • Separate .jpg files of all maps (can be provided without grids/note for online/VTT use).

Thanks all! Glynn & Richard


3 thoughts on “The Bats of Saint Abbans : Playtest

  1. Love seeing the old blue map! I assume at this length it is many sessions of play. Any estimates?

    1. Difficult to estimate. It really depends on the players and how much prep the GM has done. Some players that like to RP and get into the whole feel might take say 5 sessions if they are being really careful. Quick players that focus on the key objective with a prepped GM might take 3 sessions…
      So, I imagine something like;
      Session 1 – Introduction, discovering the town, getting the main job.
      Session 2 – Exploring the abbey ground floor and galleries.
      Session 3 – Getting into the roofspaces/rooftops and bell tower.

    2. I even imagine that there are groups out there that might do it in 2 sessions, if a prepped GM doesn’t pay too much attention to the ‘Ecclesiastical Time’ elements, and the players are efficient.

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