The Cliffs of Sacrifice

From the crypts beneath the high clifftop abbey, a set of steps meander down to the sacrifice chambers. A circular chamber with a dark pool welcomes those that the Sea God has chosen. This pool is where they will be cleansed before being offered to the saltwater deity out on the sacrifice platform. Until this time, they are held in the contemplation rooms.


  1. The son of a local merchant has gone missing, and rumours tell of his meetings with a local priest of the abbey that venerates the old sea god, Octacean.
  2. A group of thieves have began to menace the countryside near the old abbey. Their den must be near. You are asked to root them out.
  3. You must infiltrate the priests of a local abbey, who are believed to trying to establish a foothold for their new and malevolent religion.
  4. As your ship passes by the cliffs on the coast, you notice a stone platform poking out from high up. This is not marked on any maps you know or have, and there could be treasure there that no one else has yet found.
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