The Road to Hell

I’m a pretty lucky fellow really. I get to work with some great people, and on their great projects. I also get to see my name alongside some great names in the credits. It’s humbling. I’ve had a few things turn up recently, and I am conscious that I do not do enough to shout-out the folks I do work for, and also shamelessly plug my artistic and publishing skillset.

So, let’s start to correct that…

Newt Newport of D101 Games is one of those sterling fellows who lets me loose on his projects and Kickstarters, and for that I am eternally grateful. Newt is easy-going, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work for. I’ve met Newt and we’ve chatted a few times over Hangouts. It’s always a pleasure.

I tend to back most of the Kickstarter projects I contribute on when I can, as I think that is good karma :). The joy of doing so, is getting copies (contributor copies sometimes too).

So without further ado… I bring you the excellent The Road to Hell. Available in LotFP and S&W flavours. I got mine with an S&W flavour because it’s the system I’m most familiar with. This is also a great adventure to plug into The Midderlands setting, on a route between Chestern and Manchestern… with a little bit of name changing and a smattering of green.

Get it here:

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