UKGE 2019

I popped down to the NEC today to assist James Raggi and Julia with the Lamentations of the Flame Princess stand setup (1-257) at the UK Games Expo 2019.

You can pick up The Midderlands, The Midderlands Expanded, Midderzine Issue #1 and Midderzine Issue #2 while there. All part of their amazing multi-item deals! So, head over to stand 1-257 (Hall 1) to look at all the juicy goodies, and touch the Death Frost Doom 10th Anniversary cover… It’s luxurious. They are running some very awesome multi-item bundling incentives.

My loot haul! Pre-show

You can also visit Peter Regan at Squarehex (stand 1-256), who should have some Midderlands stock too.

To celebrate UKGE 2019, get 50% off all digital products (and digital bundles) at the MonkeyBlood Design web store. All orders over £10 qualify for 50% off, even sale items. Enter coupon code: UKGE2019 at checkout. Ends this coming Sunday evening.

I’ll be heading back down on Saturday for definite, so if you want to say “Hi!”, let me know.

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